My Son Needs Dental Work

My son needs dental work. He has 32 teeth that need to be removed and replaced with dentures or implants. He is 29 and has Medicaid. He is in pain all the time. We received a waiver from Medicaid went to a dentist. He took x-rays and his assistant contacted Liberty Dental only to find out they only paid $1500 per year. It has taken us over seven months to get this waiver.

It is sad to see him get his hopes up and then dashed when we finally get the dental appointment. I do not know where to turn. We went to the Dental College, but was told the dental work was too involved and they could not perform the procedures needed. My son cannot eat cold or hot foods because it hurts. When he forces himself to eat, he then has to take something for the pain.

Most of his problems were caused by medication he has to take due to seizures, Bi-polar and depression. I believe we could get him off of most of the anti-depressants, if we could just get his teeth fixed.

Author Unknown
Sugarland, TX

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