My Teeth are a Major Obstacle to Employment

I have had several automobile accidents that have harmed and/or destroyed most of my teeth. I wore braces for several years during my adolescent period and have lovely teeth until the accidents.
I had bariatic surgery in 2003 and was not informed about the possible devastating and destructive affects on teeth! I took correct vitamins and supplements and continued with my usual thorough care-taking process. However, since that time my teeth have actually rotted, cracked, broke, chipped, and split. I would be a great research project for the dental after affects of bariatic surgery!

I am currently working on my PhD dissertation and seeking an internship/employment. I'm so accustomed to smiling easily and openly; however, doing so now invites a full visible spectrum of my horrible teeth. They are honestly the first thing viewed when I introduce myself, and the negative reaction is visible and strong. The profession in which I plan to work is very public and requires creating acceptance, trust, and respect relationships with clients and co workers. Unfortunately, having absolutely ugly teeth does not support or exemplify these factors. They become a visual focus that detracts not only from what we are doing and discussing, but also from the professional image I need and want to project.

Rebecca Bray
Harker Heights, TX

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