My wife is in excruciating pain

I have a question for you. My wife and I moved to Red Oak a few months ago in order that I might attend seminary in Dallas. She teaches high school in DeSoto and I have been unable to find a job. We are in the midst of a financial struggle right now, but both have dental needs of varying degrees.

She is in excruciating pain and is even experiencing swelling, so I'm pretty sure she needs to get to see somebody immediately. My pain is minimal right now but will grow over time. There is no dental plan where she works. We have never been in this situation before, but we are certainly here now: we need to find some sort of free or low-income dentistry practice in the area.

I don't know how to go about finding this, so I just "googled" that phrase and the link to your website was one of several that I perused. I deeply appreciate your time in providing me with some sort of response. She's really in pain and it bothers me that I can't fix it for her.

I deeply appreciate your time.

Michael Mitchell
Red Oak, TX

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Student Dentist that can help with the pain
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am a Baylor College of Dentistry student searching for patients. I can help you & your wife especially since your in the Dallas area. Patients who receive dental work @ Baylor receive comprehensive dental care at costs 30% - 40% lower than private practice costs. Some procedures may even be free of charge for some patients. All dental treatment given by students is under the direct supervision of the school's faculty (composed of licensed dentists and specialists) to make sure the results are above the standard of care. Patients in this program do not have to dental insurance to receive care.

If interested in becoming a patient please send the following information listed below to After receiving your information you will be scheduled or a screening appointment best suited for your schedule at the school. Feel free to let friends, family, & co-workers etc know about the program and/or send their information.

Phone #
Date of Birth
Emergency contact & contact #

Hope to hear from you!!

Ways to Get Started


To begin, I would ask that you contact the nearest dental school in your area to see if you qualify as a patient. Start by reviewing the list of schools in your area. You will need to contact the school directly for more information on becoming a patient at their facility.

You can also review some of the ways (Grants, Research, Nerb Exam, etc.) to save on dental work as a dental patient. Patients can receive very expensive procedures at a significantly low cost or free by participating in dental research projects. This may include teeth whitening procedures, dental bondings, implants, crowns, fixed bridges and even some cosmetic dentistry procedures such as inlays, onlays and veneers. The research project can also involve you receiving monetary compensation which you can use towards any dental work you may need. Check out the latest dental school clinical research projects here.

I often use a credit cards to pay for my procedures, in addition to having enrolled in a dental plan program. My savings are quite substantial (about 2 years ago I had 3 crowns done for 50% off the listed dental fees) and used a card which allowed me to have a built in payment plan that can span over several months. Check out the plan I use here. Compare the different plans, the rates and actual charges that would be associated with specific dental procedures. You can do all of this without signing up for anything which makes it a great tool! I even receive vision and prescription coverage at no additional cost.

I would recommend enrolling in a dental plan as the first step to saving. They are relatively inexpensive and offer great discounts on dental care. You can view some dental plans here, then decide. If you have a favorite or recommended dentist you can see if they participate in a particular plan, then take it from there. Review the plans, the savings, the dentists enrolled in the plan, all conveniently from one place. As far as I know, there are no dental schools which participate in dental plan programs, but they are some very good dentists who do.


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