Need A Great Deal of Dental Work

I am a 25 year old single mother of three. I am also a full-time student. I need a great deal of dental work done. My parents did not have the money to treat my dental problems that were needed when I was growing up which has led to the devastating condition my teeth are in now.

I am in severe need of dental work and I have tried every possible aspect I can think of as to get this done but dental work is a very costly expensive that I just cannot afford at this time. I was hoping that I could get through college & then have the work I needed done as I would have the income to be able to afford it but unfortunately, my teeth are not going to last.

I have had to have 2 teeth extracted this year, one last year and another one will be extracted shortly. I only have 2 "real" teeth on top & the bottom front 6 on bottom that are actually mine & they are not in that great of condition. The rest are crowned either with porcelain or stainless steel crowns and are in need of being removed and replaced with implants.

I have researched on the internet trying to locate help with this but have not been able to find anything but one contest for a dental makeover. If you could provide me with any help or assistance at all I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

I can take & submitted photos if this is needed.

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