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I'm 33 years old and need dental assistance. I can't even put into words how badly I need dental work, but unfortunately, I am poor.

I have no back teeth whatsoever, and have recently got a flipper to fill in two teeth in the front where I had a root canal started on one of my teeth. This tooth is now broken and I cannot afford to finish the root canal. Its the second root canal that I've had that broke.

I can't eat real food because I have no teeth in the back to chew. So, I'm stuck trying to eat with my front teeth which is why I am losing those now.

I've come to the realization that I am not able to eat at all and smiling is something I've been unable to do for many years. I don't want anyone to see my mouth and won't even try to have a life or a boyfriend because I am embarrassed. I've written to so many people and am beginning to think that I'm just not going to get the help I need.

I am running out of options and may not no teeth by the time I'm 35. Please point me in a direction of help. Thank You.

Kathryn Murray
Southern New Jersey

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