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I started dental procedures on my top four front teeth, but cannot afford to complete it. Two of them had root canals and have temporary crowns on them. One of them is decaying and half of the tooth is completely broke off. They told me.that it would cost around $3000 to finish the work and I do not have insurance. I tried to get Medicaid but they told me that I make too much money. I am a 38 year old single mother who is a bartender and am just barely getting by. My job involves me working in the pubic eye and with my broken, missing teeth makes it hard for me to smile at customers. My self esteem has gone right out the door! I no longer go out with friends. My teeth have gotten so bad, I stay home so people won't see them. Not only do I have problems with the top four teeth, I also have 3 missing teeth that broke completely off down to the gum line, two that were pulled that need a bridge, one that needs to have a bridge attached to, is decaying also and is breaking off. I need another bridge on the lower part and the tooth the bridge would have to attach to is also broke and decaying. I'm not trying to look for any handouts or to have anyone feel sorry for me. I am willing to do anything just for a little help. I'm desperate! Thank you for taking the.time to read this.

Midland, Michigan

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