Need Dentures/Dental Work ASAP

I am in desperate need of dental work/dentures.I am at my wits end I have had 2 full sets of crowns and was told the last set were only temporary.

I have slowly but surely been losing one after another without any warning. One minute I'm chewing the next I'm pulling a tooth or bridge out.

I have had estimates but I don't have near the money they ask for - up to 20,000 dollars. I know I'm not as healthy as I can be purely from the eating stand point. I have open holes where my posts were and my examinations showed multiple abscesses - the pain won't go away.

I work a minimum pay job, part time and pay 3/4 of that in child support. I'm sick and tired of being judged by people for my looks because I don't smile or if I do the look of disgust is obvious.

Try having a social life with black holes and only a few teeth showing, forget the social life - a better job would be nice.

I hope and pray to find someone to help. I want to smile again!

Bernie Cavanagh
Cape Coral, Florida

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