Need Oral Surgery

I went to a local dental clinic and was told that I needed oral surgery. I had a bad infection for some time and am on antibiotics. The dentist provided me with contact numbers, but I've been getting the run around. It seems that noone had an oral surgeon on staff.

I eventually contacted UMDNJ, but could not be seen for several weeks. I'm concerned because the lymphnodes in my neck, collar bone, and right arm are swollen and sore. At night, I cannot lift my arm, close my hand or turn my head. I was also told that the roots/nerve of my teeth are in my sinus cavity. I also have MVP(mitra valve prolapse with regurgitation). This infection does not seem to be getting better with the medication.

I've worked since I was 14 and had dental insurance. But because of the economy, everything has gone south. If anyone has suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance and for listening to me rant.

Bayville, New Jersey

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