NH Resident Needs a Smile Makeover


I am taking a chance here, but I guess I don't have anything to lose and who knows, maybe there is a dentist who can work with me and help me....

I am a 42 y/o wife and mom to four and the last time I went to a dentist for a consult and infection and pain, he told me I have the mouth of a 60 y/o, which totally depressed me. Financially, there is not much I can do about it.

I have struggled with teeth problems all my life and and about 10 years back decided to have the couple of teeth left in my upper jaw removed and got an immediate denture and a partial for the bottom at a clinic in my area. Since then, the four bottom teeth I still have, have rotted either to my gum line or are sharp, jagged and broken.

My upper denture doesn't fit anymore and is chipped, my lower partial is broken and I have to keep adding adhesive to it several times a day...

My remaining teeth have gotten so bad, I am in constant pain and there seems to be a constant infection as well. I have a very difficult time eating, to the point where I have lost probably 20-30 lbs in the past couple of years. Also, cosmetically when I talk or open my mouth, it is so embarrassing!! I cannot even talk correctly and always try to hide my teeth.....but they are so bad, no matter what I do to try to hide them, it doesn't work. The clinic will not take me back as my doctor is not affiliated with them anymore, no insurance........no doctor....

I normally work in customer service and cannot get a job and it's been over a year now. I really have a feeling I am not getting hired because of my appearance of my teeth.

Anyways.....I am hoping for some help at least to find a dentist (I am willing to travel) who is willing to take me on as a patient and set up payment arrangements or at reduced cost........ We have tried apply for dental credit, but barely have enough of a limit to get anything major done........

Please help me, not sure how much I can take the pain and rejection anymore.

Thanks so much for reading,
NH Mom of four.....

Jennifer Nichols
Tilton, NH

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