OSU Dental Experience

by Mom
(Mansfield, Ohio)

My son was a student at OSU and had to remove two wisdom teeth giving him horrible pain. We went to the OSU hospital for students in training in Columbus.

It was every bit as professional as if we had gone to an experienced oral surgeon but only a small fraction of the cost. We saw professionalism all the way and were reassured that the students had already passed their exams, were Doctors and were interning as part of their continued education before they could go into private practice. WAY TO GO OSU!! Great job!

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In Pain, Broke & Hopeless
by: Anonymous

Wow that's wonderful about your experience in receiving quality work in a Dental School at an affordable rate.

My situation is quite different. I have been on a medication that I unknowingly did not realize would lead to over $9,000 worth of dental work being needed. There were no warnings or labels on either the drug bottle or the printout that the pharmacists provide with the medicine.

Soon after, I began noticing rapid decaying of my teeth from the GUMS UP! This problem appeared to be linked to the medicine.

Unemployed, no insurance, and unable to collect disability - many of the teeth were now hurting. I would eventually have X-rays and find out that most teeth needed root canal and crown procedures. I'm still fairly young but, because of my circumstances, I'll end up with dentures before its over...

Who in my situation could afford these types of dental procedures? Not many. So - when you see an unfortunate snaggled tooth person on the street - it's not because they want to be - it's because getting a tooth PULLED is a heck of a lot cheaper than FIXED! And the "affordable" clinics (aka charity clinics) only do FILLINGS and PULL TEETH!

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