Root Canal at Samual J. Mumpower

I had a root canal done by Samual J. Mumpower and was told that there was a crack in my tooth and that he had to do the canal differently than normal. He then said that if the procedure did not work, I would have to have the tooth removed and a bridge put in. After months of pain, I went to another Endodontist who told me there was not a crack and did the procedure the normal way and now I am pain free. My insurance will not pay for the second endodontic treatment. Mumpower says that I waited too long and did not give him the chance to fix it. I did not go back because his plan was to have the tooth removed. I was lucky that I didn't. I have requested a refund but he is being VERY unprofessional and refusing. When I said I was going to the Georgia Board of Dentistry to complain, he told me he was friends with the people on the board and nothing would happen.

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