Root Canals and Crowns or Extraction and Bridge

When I was pregnant with my now 3 year old, I had a lot of dental problems start but wasn't able to be seen because I was in the hospital. After he was born, he was in the NICU and I pushed off seeing a dentist. When I finally, went they started work but the dentist was horrible plus I wasn't numb when he did the work, so I felt everything. I ended up stalling my next appointment than I lost my insurance.

I just got married a little over a year ago and got pregnant in November and just had my youngest. They wouldn't do anything while I was pregnant, I just went in today for xrays and a predetermination. I'm only 20 years old and they said they didn't even know if my front 6 teeth were worth trying to save and if we did that, I would need a root canal on each, crowns and something else, costing about $2000 per tooth. They said another option might be to extract the teeth and get a bridge. They said either way I'm looking at $10,000 after the small amount my insurance will pay.

All the extra money we have goes to paying for my visitations with my son who is 20 hours away. I spend $600 a month to see him. I can't get financing because I have no credit history. I really need to have dental work done before it gets any worse and it's effecting my life from every angle. I'm not asking for free work (although it would be great) but something we can afford.

Fort Riley, KS

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