Serious Dental Work Needed

September 2006 started a started some serious medical problems that had me being rushed to the E.R. 22 times, four of those trips I had to taken by ambulance. In a 23 month period from Sept.2006-March 2007 I was hospitalized 19 of the of the 22 times after entering the emergency room. It took four surgeries an every test known to man, seriously. It took a lot of hospital stays and many doctors to finally diagnose an repair the problem. But while all this was going on my mouth has suffered.

The underlined condition that kept me going back to the emergency room was not being able to keep anything down, not even water. Once the vomiting started the only way to stop it was to be given I.V. medications. So to say the least my teeth have suffered. My stomach acids have ruined my teeth. I've tried to handle it but with all my medical bills its been impossible to get the work done. After paying for the x-rays I was given an estimated cost of more than $5000 an we just couldn't do anything.

So I've just been trying deal and it's taken its toll an I'm afraid that these problems will put back in the emergency room. I've tried different routs but have had no luck. Please tell me you can help me, I'm praying you can help me.

Kimberly Johnson,
Jacksonville, Florida
(Duval County)

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