So Many People Needing Help With Dental Work

My Goodness! There are so many people needing help with dental work. I have spent the last year searching for dental assistance. If you are low income, there is help. If you have a good income, you usually have insurance and credit or funds available to correct dental problems. Then there are the rest of us.

I have always taken a tremendous amount of pride in helping others. I desperately hate asking for help, but feel I have no choice! I have exhausted all known means available trying to locate help that I could possibly afford.

My husband and I was married at 17 & 18, and raised three great children. As hard working and honest individuals,over the past 31 years, we have always helped others in need, usually without being asked. I am now in this dreadful position of needing help from others and hate like all get out, a Texan way of saying, a whole lot!

I am 48, healthy, fit, and hard working. I have spent my adult life having dental work done yearly. Root canals, crowns, filings, extractions, etc. I am currently on a regiment of medication for chronic headaches and degenerative disc disease. I believe this, along with genetics, has played a role in my dental problems.

Virtually all of my teeth with crowns have decayed under the crowns and broken off at the gum line. The last straw was when a front tooth broke off at the gum line. I know we have to make our own way and have truly worked hard to do so, but I am ashamed to say, I need help. If anyone who can assist me, we would truly appreciate it. We are willing to pay over time, but cannot afford a lot monthly. We hate to be a burden, so we are willing to do what is necessary to repay the debt! I hurt, but see many others are just as bad, if not worse. I was raised to believe if you think you have problems, just look around and you will quickly see others have it worse. For this reason, I really hate to get in line asking for help because I know others are worse off, but I will continue to help others in need. If anyone can help me, I will be forever grateful! In advance, I thank you for your time!

TC Sims
Houston, TX

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