Teeth in really bad shape - I really need help!

I am only 28 years old and I am afraid that I will have to have the rest of my teeth pulled out.

When I was a child my mother struggled to take care of me and my little sister. Dental care was never a top priority. My mother did the very best she could. Things were just very hard. We were poor and I can not remember ever going to see a dentist past the age of maybe 9 or so. I got married when I was 16 and by the time I was 18 I had given birth to my first child.

I have also struggled to just get by and just keep the ends meeting. I never had any extra money for something like an expensive dental visit. However my teeth cause me a lot of trouble. I went to one dental cleaning as an adult (I had a coupon for the exam). The only other time I have had any dental care was to have a (very painful)tooth removed on two different occasions. Both times were a horrible experience for me. I am not good with pain. Watching my tooth be pushed and pulled on until it broke and all the blood was very overwhelming for me.

Lack of any real dental care has resulted in every minor tooth issue turning into a big (and painful) issue. My teeth are in bad shape. Before the age of 9 I had saw a dentist while my mother was receiving welfare assistance from the state. Even as a young child I seemed to have quite a few issues with my teeth.

All of my back teeth were filled with a dark silver filling to fix cavities back then. As time has went on those fillings often fell out and I never had the money to see a dentist to correct this. After the old filling fell out of my teeth, those teeth began to get large cavities or small holes in them that with time become bigger and bigger until (in 3 cases now) the tooth brakes from the decay.

My teeth hurt. My gum's hurt. I have trouble eating. Thankfully the worst of all of this has been with my back teeth. For the most part the front teeth in my mouth are not too bad. Now however, I am starting to notice what is like a little black spot right in the middle of my two front teeth on both the top and the bottom. My sister said she thinks I would have to get a root canal on them to save them from needing to be pulled out. (She has been through that and says she knows that the black spots mean root damage). I really do not want to have my front teeth pulled out. The very thought of it makes me want to cry.

I am too young to be toothless and need dentures but I can not afford the dental work I need done. I am horrified at the thought of the pain I will go through to have another tooth pulled and really don't want to be awake to watch any of that dramatic experience again.

I hope to find help with free or low cost dental care with someone that will use sedation. Right now I have a broken tooth. There are at least 3 teeth that cause me a lot of pain. I could not afford to travel. I would need the dental clinic or office to be close to me (in the central Ohio area). I feel kinda hopeless about the whole situation. I am not sure if you can help but I thank you for your consideration for help with dental care.

Thyri Cazares
Galloway, OH

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