360c Dental Jet Water Waterpik

360c Dental Jet Water Waterpik

Waterpik WP-360 Cordless Dental System Water Jet

360c Dental Jet Water Waterpik
  • Cordless Dental System Water Jet
  • Convenient, hand held design
  • Rechargeable, no batteries needed
  • Clinically proven to fight gingivitis
  • Promotes healthy gums and healthy smile
  • Lightweight, space saving design
  • 2 Low pressure tips for gentle cleaning
  • 2 high pressure tips for deep cleaning
  • Tips rotate 360 degrees to reach all areas of the mouth
  • Easy-to-fill flip top reservoir
  • Stays charged for approximately 1 week, depending on use

Clinical Research Study of the 360c Dental Jet Water Waterpik

A study was conducted to compare the results of adding the use of a water pik device to a daily oral hygiene program that consisted of either power tooth brushing and flossing or manual tooth brushing and flossing. The study sought to determine which program had the greatest effect on the reduction of gingival bleeding, gingivitis and supragingival plaque.

One hundred five (105) subjects aged 19-70 years old, in good general health, with at least 20 evaluable teeth and an overall mean plaque score of 2.0 and 50% bleeding sites participated in this study. The following products were used:

1. Manual Tooth Brush (Oral-B® 35, Oral-B® Laboratories)
2. Dental Floss (Reach® Floss, Johnson & Johnson)
3. Waterpik® Dental Water Jet (Model WP-60W, Waterpik Technologies)
4. Waterpik® SenSonic® Toothbrush (Model SR-700W, Waterpik Technologies)

The participants were instructed to brush for two minutes twice a day and to floss once daily in the evening. Irrigation was to be done once daily in the evening at a specified rate. No additional oral hygiene aids, including therapeutic rinsing were allowed. The participants were randomized to the following three groups:

Group 1: (control group): Instructed to do manual tooth brushing and dental flossing
Group 2: Used a manual toothbrush and the Waterpik® Dental Water Jet
Group 3: Used a Waterpik® SenSonic® toothbrush and the Waterpik® dental water jet.

Study results indicated the following:
  • the use of the manual toothbrush plus the Waterpik® Dental Water Jet was 93% better in reducing facial bleeding and 52% better at reducing facial gingivitis than manual brushing and flossing.
  • use of the power toothbrush plus the Waterpik® Dental Water Jet was 65% better at reducing facial bleeding and 92% better at reducing facial plaque than manual brushing and flossing.

Study Results

The overall clinical results involving the 360c Dental Jet Water Waterpik study indicated the following:

  • When combined with tooth brushing, oral irrigation is an effective alternative to traditional dental floss for reducing bleeding, gingival inflammation and plaque and in some cases may provide superior results for reducing bleeding and gingival inflammation and that;
  • Significant improvements in oral health occurred regardless of toothbrush type, so it is likely that many patients currently using a power toothbrush may get further improvements in oral health by the addition of oral irrigation and that;
  • The Waterpik® dental water jet was a viable alternative to achieve desired outcomes for individuals who could not floss effectively.

Comparison of Irrigation to Floss as an Adjunct to Toothbrushing: Effect on Bleeding, Gingivitis, and Supragingival Plaque
Barnes CM, Russell CM, Reinhardt RA, Payne JB, Lyle DM
Journal of Clinical Dentistry, 2005; 16(3): In Press

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