Cost of Dental Implants

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As one of the greatest achievements in dentistry, the cost of dental implants exceeded the average person's ability to pay.

Dental implants, often considered an elective procedure was denied coverage by many dental insurance companies. This forced people to choose alternatives like dentures or crowns. But, as the years go by, dental implants are becoming more affordable to the masses.

This is largely due to more dentists being trained in implantology techniques, and the process becoming more successful and expedient. There is now a capability of having an implant done during a single dentist visit. This has created more flexibility and competition for implant candidates among more dentists, resulting in a decrease in its cost.

Historically, the dental implant average cost for a single tooth ranged between $2500 to $5000 per tooth. There were also additional costs if bone grafting or other special surgeries were needed. The average cost for the complete lower or upper jaw area ran somewhere between $15,000 and $30,000, even higher.

With the many advances made thru research studies, (where free implants were often provided to patient volunteers), today, we can find the cost of dental implants to be a lot more affordable. With more dentists performing implant procedures, and dental plans and other financing options being more readily available, more people are able to afford dental implants. Some people are even taking a more innovative approach and planning dental vacations to other countries for even lower costing implants.

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For individuals living without teeth, dental implants offer an excellent solution to a missing toothed grin. Regardless of whether the tooth loss is the result of an accident, tooth decay or disease, missing teeth can be a source of major embarrassment and self-consciousness for anyone. Fortunately for us, dental implants look and feel like one's natural teeth. So, if you're missing a single tooth and have enough bone at the site to create an anchor, a dental implant procedure can help to create a full and natural looking smile. If you do not have enough bone, dental bone grafting can be done beforehand, resulting in the same great smile.

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