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A dental article of the month will be featured each month on the Dental Clinic Manager website. Articles will be primarily selected based upon relevant content as it relates to the field of dentistry (i.e., new procedures, legislation, outlandish fees, free work, etc. We are pleased to introduce that this month's featured article is entitled, "Trip to the emergency room for a toothache costs man more than $1,300." This article illustrates how ridiculously high dental charges are being levied against one hardworking individual who make happened to make the mistake of visiting a hospital emergency rooms in order to receive dental care for a simple toothache.

After you have read the article, consider you own dental insurance coverage. Do you really have enough to cover the costs of dental care or are you spending more for out of pocket expenses than necessary? Are you shopping around to compare dental fees and are you utilizing such things as dental plans to absorb some of these outrageous costs? I strongly urge you to research all of the available ways to save on dental costs, including, but not limited to utilizing dental schools for simple surgical procedures.

You are not limited to having a dental student provide your care, but some dental school facilities have faculty clinics where the care is administered by a licensed dentist, including those who are general dentists, as well as specialists in the areas of endodontics, implants, periodontists and more. The savings cost is quite significant when compared to an outside private provider. And many of these faculty dentists have private practices, as well, but their fees are limited by what the school has set as the standard. So, you are actually getting the private dental care treatment at a significant discounted cost.

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