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My teeth have been bad since I got my baby teeth (57 years ago). I had cavities on every 6 month visit as a child. I brushed my teeth, used mouth wash and flossed (as an adult).

My lower jaw teeth (4) became inflamed and I had to have them pulled after giving birth to twins at age 25. From that time on, I have lost all my lower jaw teeth and all but one upper jaw tooth. In the past 3 years I have had 2 near front teeth just fall out, root and all...what a weird feeling, and broke a front tooth eating a steak at a friends house...the dentist was able to repair but could not guarantee how long it would hold.

My dentist evaluated my mouth, all my teeth left (15) are loose and will have to be replaced in the very near future. I am on a budget now make ends meet to save for our property taxes and insurance the year.

I can't afford the cost of dental implants and dentures are out. I can't talk right and have a gag reflex with my upper partial denture. I take it out several times a day because of the trouble I have chewing this device. The partial denture I have on the bottom is better, but I take it out every time I eat anything and clean my teeth.

I love to smile and can with my partials, but my mouth is just miserable inside. I would like to be considered for discounted dental implants for both my upper and lower arch. Sincerely,

Sycamore, IL

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