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As dental care costs continue to rise, cheap dental plans, such as discount plans, are becoming more commonly used. With a discount plan, you simply pay an annual membership fee to the plan provider, and pay discounted fees to the participating dentist. Finding ways to save money on dental fees has never been easier.

Discounted dental plans operate on the same premise as conventional dental insurance, but with less the hassle. While both types of plans offer a network of providers, there are no claim forms, no long waiting periods, no deductibles, and no regulations on pre-existing conditions.

Most dentists prefer to participate in discounted plans as opposed to conventional dental health insurance.. Participation in a conventional plan usually involves a lot more paperwork with less pay. Many plans have restrictions, such as pre-existing conditions and annual maximum limitations. And for some people, it is not cost effective which is why many people with dental insurance are also looking at discounted plans. They also need help controlling their out-of-pocket expenses.

Discount dental plans are designed for individuals, families and groups looking to save money on dental treatments. Participating dental providers will accept a discounted fee from plan members for any procedure listed on the fee schedule. If a procedure is not specifically listed, but falls under a dental category (i.e., Orthodontics, Endotheraphy), rest assured there is a discount percentage available.

Nationally, dental plan networks have a large pool of qualified general dentists and specialists. Each dentist is certified for the specific region where they practice. So, as a member, you can see any participating network dentist, when traveling away from home. And if you travel frequently, wherever in the U.S. you may be, there will be a dentist available for you to see, especially in an emergency. No longer will you have to blindly shop for a dentist and worry about the costs.

Another advantage of a discounted plan is the tremendous savings you get on a wide variety of dental procedures over that of private office fees. For some procedures that involve bridgework, root canals, or orthodontics, the savings can be substantial.

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Many dentists are choosing to join cheap dental plan networks because of the convenience. Participating means that they do not spending time on processing paperwork, claims and billing forms for a dental insurance company. All that most dentists have to deal with is a membership card and a fee allowing them to focus on providing quality dentistry. Dental plans are a convenience for both the patient and the dentist.

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